Yale University Design Standards for Capital Projects

Table of Contents

Introduction & General Guidelines
Division 00: Procurement & Contracting Documents

Division 01: General Requirements

Division 02: Site Construction

Division 04: Masonry

Division 06: Woods, Plastics, and Composites

Division 07: Thermal & Moisture Protection

Division 08: Openings

Division 09: Finishes

Division 10: Specialties

Division 11: Equipment

Division 12: Furnishings

Division 13: Special Construction

Division 14: Conveying Equipment

Division 21: Fire Protection

Division 22: Plumbing

Division 23: HVAC

Division 26: Electrical

Division 28: Electronic Safety and Security

Division 32: Exterior Improvements

Division 33: Utilities

Standard Details

Mechanical Details
SD232216_01 Condensate Steam Trap LP
SD232216_02 Condensate Steam Trap for HP & MP
SD232216_04 Steam PRV Station 2-Stage
SD232216_05 Steam Safety Drip Pan
SD232223_03 Flash Tank Detail
SD235700_01 Steam to HW HX Detail
SD238216_01 Single Bank Preheat Coil
SD238216_02 Multi Bank Heating Coil
SD238216_03 Single Bank Cooling Coil
SD238216_04 Multi Bank Cooling Coil
SD238216_05 VAV Heating Coil