UPDATE: In October, Facilities will launch an enhanced website for the Yale Community.

Request Services

Emergency Repairs:

Call 432-6888

Emergency (Priority 1) Response Time: within 24 hours

Service Request Types:

Urgent (Priority 2): Response Time: within 4 days
Routine (Priority 3): Response Time: within 14 days

For assistance requesting services, please visit the Requesting Services page or call the Facilities Operations Customer Service Center: 203-432-6888

Facilities Updates

Annual Residential College Renovations & Impact

As Residential College buildings age, the Office of Facilities will perform renovations to part or all of selected colleges each summer. Learn about the process and impact of summer work at the College Renovations website.

Stay Informed About Work on Science Hill

The Yale Science Building project will be entering construction soon. Learn about the project and the impact construction will have on Science Hill, including pedestrian impact, at the Yale Science Building project website.