News and Announcements

Six members of Facilities Operations were nominated by their managers for the CINTAS Custodian of the Year award. Photos by Harold Shapiro.
May 28, 2024
Six members of Facilities Operations were nominated by their managers for a national award. In celebration, President Salovey honored them at a luncheon.
William “Bill” Dobie, photo by Rob DeSanto
May 21, 2024
A master of pipes of all types, William “Bill” Dobie has repaired countless makes and models to keep the university running since 1974.
Pictured from left: Vincent Giordano III, project executive at Giordano Construction; Bryan D'Orlando, associate director of construction project management in the Yale Office of Facilities; Shellie Anello, construction project manager in the Yale Office of Facilities. Photo by Stephanie Anestis.
May 13, 2024
There is a real-world lesson in renewable energy taking place at Yale—one that’s happening outside the labs and classrooms.
USHD from Whitney Avenue facing northwest, rendering by Ballinger and TenBerke, courtesy of Yale Office of Facilities
May 8, 2024
This program re-envisions Science Hill with the goal of creating a new research-intense structure, the Physical Sciences and Engineering Building, among others.
Staff Spirit Week, graphic courtesy of the Office of Public Affairs and Communications
May 3, 2024
This week is all about celebrating our amazing Yale staff! Employees are invited to explore each day’s themed activities and events, which include in-person and virtual...
Connectivity between 87 Trumbull Street and 30 Hillhouse Avenue with fritted glass, photo by Chuck Choi
April 30, 2024
The Yale Bird-Friendly Building Initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of bird-friendly design to reduce deadly collisions.
Front row, from left, Peabody Director David Skelly, President Peter Salovey, Edward P. Bass, Sasha Bass, Provost Scott Strobel, and Susan Payson Burke. Back row, from left, Mark Simon, Alison Richard, and Lisa Whitescarver. (Photos by Dan Renzetti)
April 18, 2024
A ribbon-cutting ceremony signals the beginning of a new era for the revitalized Yale Peabody Museum.