Building Management System Occupancy Schedule

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The controls contractor working with the project design team is required to populate the equipment nameplate data matrix for each piece of equipment. The building management systems schedules should correlate to Yale’s basis of design and correlating appendix, which provides the energy model for the project.

Items that conflict with the basis of design need to be brought to the attention of the design team, since changes may impact the energy model provided. Continuously operating equipment (24/7, 365 days a year) that is part of the building management system should also be noted when defaulting to an occupied state with no associated schedule.

Equipment that with no associated schedule, but that is interlocking with other equipment, should also be noted. Example: An air handling unit that will go into occupied mode when any scheduled variable air volume system goes into occupied mode.


  1. Download the template.
  2. Fill in schedule time by line item within the occupancy schedule section (columns E, F, G). The cells are wrapped.
  3. Select each cell, type in the first schedule, then simultaneously click on the “Alt” and “Enter” keys to drop to the next line.  
  4. Upon completion, submit this matrix to the Facilities Operations team at Yale via

Occupancy Schedule Examples

(Building usage
may vary)
(Building usage
may vary)
BMS scheduling group
  5:30–7 am, unoccupied
7–10 am, occupied
10 am–5 pm, occupied
5–10 pm, unoccupied