Equipment nameplate data matrix overview

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Each contractor will provide as-installed specific product nameplate data, product numbers, serial numbers, and other information required to fully define the asset for the owner’s use in maintenance management and asset tracking for the equipment and systems supplied by this contractor. The data shall be electronically entered on a spreadsheet provided to the contractor by the commissioning authority (CxA).


  1. Download the template.
  2. Minimum nameplate data content includes the following, as applicable:
    • Equipment location;
    • Manufacturer’s name;
    • Vendor’s name and phone number;
    • Model number;
    • Part number;
    • Serial number;
    • Date of acquisition;
    • End of warranty date;
    • Specification reference;
    • Performance and sizing data, including filter size and quantity and, for elevators, the permit number, capacity, and speed.
  3. Contractors will upload a record submittal for each piece of equipment, or component, to the project portal (i.e. Procore, Yale Box) with a submission of the completed spreadsheet. The record submittals must include the equipment(s) or component(s) name within the file name.
  4. Contractors will provide equipment nameplate data for all fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems as well as equipment and components. Additionally, nameplate data shall be provided for the autoclaves, automatic door closers, chair lifts, cold rooms, dock lifts, drinking fountains, dumb waiters, elevators, fume hoods, and irrigation systems.
  5. Fill out the “Removed equipment list” tab within the spreadsheet.
  6. Submit periodic drafts to Facilities Operations team at Yale for review and progress check-in via
  7. Tag university identified assets with Yale-supplied QR codes/labels.
  8. Take photos of equipment with Yale-supplied QR codes/labels.
  9. As part of this process, contractors will also need to fill out and sumbit a building management system occupancy schedule.