News and Announcements

Saybrook College servery following renovation, photo by Ronnie Rysz
September 21, 2021
Every five years or so, a few Yale residential colleges receive a refresh. It’s part of an overall university building maintenance plan. This summer’s rotation included...
The locksmiths of Central Campus, courtesy of the Office of Facilities
September 17, 2021
At last count, there were more than 50,000 doors on Yale’s central campus, and they all have locks. Many are keyed; some have card readers. If a lock breaks, malfunctions, or...
An aerial photo of Yale's campus
June 25, 2021
Learn more about the University’s plan to transition to full pre-COVID-19 occupancy at all Yale buildings, effective August 1.
Aerial view of College Street facing west, courtesy of the Office of Facilities
April 20, 2020
As Yale’s residential colleges age, the Office of Facilities performs renovations to selected buildings each summer. Learn more about the renovations process, schedule...
Aerial view of Yale's Science Hill, courtesy of the Office of Facilities
February 19, 2020
With multiple construction projects underway on Science Hill, learn about the impact this work will have on the area on our website dedicated to these projects.