Anthony Kosior promoted to associate vice president for Facilities and Campus Stewardship

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Anthony Kosior, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Stewardship at Yale, photo by Ronnie Rysz

July 5, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

As part of our ongoing efforts to align Facilities’ organizational structure with the expanding needs for advancing Yale’s academic priorities and sustainability goals, I am pleased to announce that Anthony Kosior is now the associate vice president for Facilities and Campus Stewardship.

In this new role, Anthony will provide the guidance required to achieve more integrated facilities services coordinated across all Yale campuses. To meet this charge, he will be responsible for the following areas and initiatives within our office’s purview and continue to report directly to me.

  • Facilities Operations, including utilities, physical plant, custodial, area managers and superintendents, grounds, fire code compliance, and customer service.
  • Facilities Engineering and Energy Management.
  • Campus Stewardship, which is a new area that includes the preservation of Yale’s sustainable buildings, infrastructure, and landscapes. Building resiliency across the portfolio will be a key component to this endeavor.
  • Anthony, in close collaboration with Director Amber Garrard and the Office of Sustainability team, will ensure the university’s multiyear sustainability and climate action goals are met and integrated into day-to-day facilities operations.

I’ve asked Anthony to stand up and lead a new organization that will more effectively quantify, prioritize, and deliver capital maintenance and utilities renewal investment strategies at Yale. This new organization, Campus Stewardship, will focus closely on these strategies by reducing the backlog of deferred maintenance, ensuring the reliability of our utility infrastructure, and extending the facility-life cycle of our buildings and grounds. Achieving this objective will include integration of the following functional requirements.

  • A comprehensive multi-year facilities condition assessment program and a 10-year capital maintenance investment plan that spans all campuses. This is a new initiative within our department.
  • Delivery of capital maintenance for campus buildings and infrastructure, including utilities and annual off-line residential college reinvestment projects.
  • Delivery of energy conservation and resiliency-based projects.

The development of this group’s organizational structure, and processes, will continue to be coordinated with other department leaders and reach full implementation by the end of 2023.

In addition to the key areas of responsibility cited above, I’ve also asked Anthony to support me in co-leading our strategic planning and organizational transformation initiatives. This work will build on our team’s strengths and accomplishments, while setting the Office of Facilities on a path for improving the integration and effectiveness of its services. The initiatives that Anthony will be responsible for implementing include the following items.

  • Creating comprehensive service-level agreements to ensure alignment of budgets, staffing, and service expectations.
  • Optimization and effective use of technology, which includes a review and redesign of processes that are critical for the delivery of integrated facilities services across Yale’s campuses.

Please join me in congratulating Anthony on his new role at Yale.

One team, forward, together.

J. Mike Bellamy, P.E.
Vice President for Facilities, Campus Development, and Sustainability
Yale University

Top image: Anthony Kosior, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Stewardship at Yale, photo by Ronnie Rysz