Request Services

Emergency Repairs:

Call 432-6888

Emergency (Priority 1) Response Time: within 24 hours

Service Request Types:

Urgent (Priority 2): Response Time: within 4 days
Routine (Priority 3): Response Time: within 14 days

For assistance requesting services, please visit the Requesting Services page or call the Facilities Operations Customer Service Center: 203-432-6888

Facilities Updates

Welcome to the New Facilities Website!

The Yale Office of Facilities Website has recently undergone a facelift. On the homepage, you will find links to tools and resources commonly used by Facilities customers and staff, as well as links and information for requesting Facilities Services. To navigate the site, please use the drop-down menus located across the top of the page. These menus include:

Departments: Information about Facilities departments and services. 

Contractor and Consultant Resources: Information and documentation important to performing work for the Yale Office of Facilities.

Staff Tools: Documents and tools used by Office of Facilities staff.

About Yale’s Campuses: Information about the University’s campuses, including campus maps.

Facilities Work Request: Link to submit an FWR for services to the Office of Facilities. Visit the Requesting Services page for descriptions of the various types of service requests, and how to manage the request process.