Yale University Office of Facilities

Serving the Central, Medical and West Campuses

The Yale University Office of Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing campus buildings, the generation and distribution of energy to all campuses, and the planning, design and construction of new campus buildings. Here you will find information about Yale Office of Facilities Departments and services, and links to various Facilities-related documents and resources.

Historic MapFacilities Business & Administration

Facilities Finance and Administration provides administrative, financial and technology support services to all units within the Office of Facilities.

Repairs IconFacilities Operations

Facilities Operations provides ongoing maintenance and operations support for existing buildings, grounds, and facilities throughout Yale University including the Central Campus, the Medical Center, the West Campus and other University satellite facilities.

Central Power PlantUtilities & Engineering

Utilities Services manages all aspect of the generation, distribution, and metering of energy for the all University’s campuses.

SML ConstructionPlanning & Project Management

Preserving the past, building the future: Facilities Planning & Project Management is responsible for capital project planning and construction ranging from major building and facilities construction to installation of new equipment and small renovation projects.

Tree Icon

Campus Sustainability

Yale University is committed to integrated policies and systems that balance ecosystem vitality with human health and economic viability. The activities of building, maintaining, and powering Yale’s campuses represent perhaps the most significant opportunity to make a lasting impact.