Planning & Construction

Planning & Project Management

Facilities Planning & Project Management is responsible for Capital Project planning and construction ranging from major building and facilities construction to installation of new equipment and small renovation projects.

Departmental requests for Planning and Project Management services are typically initiated by contacting the Office of Planning & Project Management. For more information, please call: (203) 432-8407.

Facilities Planning & Construction consists of two units:

University Planning

University Planning provides strategic campus planning and programming for existing and future facilities by assisting the University Officers, and academic and administrative departments in the decision-making process as it relates to the physical environment of the campus. They determine the most effective approach (i.e., renovation, adaptive reuse, building addition, new construction, or combination) to meet space needs. They develop the scope, schedule, and budget for all capital projects and secure approvals necessary to initiate projects. Additionally they manage systems that track the University’s space assets for the Central, Athletic and West campuses.

Project Management

Project Management is responsible for implementing all construction projects, from design through construction to occupancy. Project Management works with external architectural consultants, engineering design consultants, and construction contractors to maintain the scope, schedule, and budget of major, mid-size, and smaller renovations and new campus construction projects.

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